About Aspergion

As a final year project at Swinburne University, 80 Digital Media Design students, 8 lecturers and 10 Mentors with Asperger's Syndrome spent 25,000 hours developing Aspergion, a space adventure game to raise awareness about Aspergers.

The objective of the project is to provide ‘therapy for Neurotypicals’ (people without autism) achieved through the creation of a cool, fun and supportive resource that allows the player to experience unique Aspie perspectives.

By creating an Aspinaut avatar, you may visit the Aspergion Galaxy. Aspergion contains 10 wonderful Aspie worlds and three challenge planets where you will learn useful tips about how to interact with people on the Autism Spectrum.

The Digital Media Design Team recently received the top prize in the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards for it's work developing games for severely autistic children.


If you are interested in supporting future research projects please contact James Marshall, Program Cordinator, Digital Media Design. jgmarshall@swin.edu.au